Director Adam Salky   Writer Pablo Fenjves   Producers Adam Spielberg, Mary Jane Skalski

A tense dramatic thriller about two brothers who work together as small time con artists. The make a pretty good living conning widows, until one brother falls in love and the other brothers past catches up with him.


When THE GOOD BROTHER opens we see Nick and his girlfriend Annie – it seems obvious that this is a committed relationship between two people thankful to have found one another and ready to begin their lives together. But a phone call changes all that. Kevin, Nick’s brother has just gotten out of prison and has no where else to turn. Nick turns to Annie, and because she loves him, she agrees to take Kevin in until he’s on his feet. Trouble is, what Annie thinks is just a bump in the road for her and Nick, is really just another leg in the journey for the brothers. In quick succession, they take Annie’s money and clear out her home. However, Annie is not as helpless as they thought, and as the brothers move on to their next mark, they find they’ve got company.